Blockchain Technologies

Crypto-currency and blockchain technology development & consulting

    Ethereum platform was the first Blockchain platform that introduced an option to create your own smart contracts. We can develop and implement your Ethereum based smart contracts efficiently and securely, because we understand the business benefits and the technological risks of such an implementation.


    So, you have embraced the idea of smart contracts and want to implement your own! The development and implementation of your own smart contract requires you to understand the basic principles behind it and beautiful, secure, bugless code that decreases cost. We offer code review on your smart contract to make it futureproof!

  • cryptocurrency EXCHANGES

    Reliability and security are the most important things to accomplish when developing or upgrading a cryptocurrency exchange system. This will build your reputation and the reputation of your cryptocurrency exchange system. We have the experience and knowledge to help you develop a wide range of secure and reliable cryptocurrency exchange systems that will meet all target requirements and your demands.


    Almost any project can be translated into the Blockchain technology. By choosing Blockchain technology you will benefit from data immutability, decentralization and security. We will find a suitable way to transform and upgrade your project to Blokchain and make it technologicaly current and futureproof.


    Implementation of a Blockchain project on a worldwide scale can seem overwhelming, but the benefits this kind of implementation brings you are certainly something you don’t want to miss. Making your own private Blockchain brings greater transparency to all processes in your business, opening a wide range of new possibilities which we can help you realize.


    Sharing credit information between different banks in the conventional way often leads to having multiple loan requests using the same documentation. We can help you solve this problem with our Blockchain technology. With it, you can quickly review all account transactions and gather correct data when evaluating your customers.



    On your Blockchain, wallets represent your account. These store cryptographic values (coins) just like your real leather wallet stores conventional currency. Password protection offers only basic security and should not be the only protection. We can help you upgrade protection with multi-signature wallets.


    Mobile devices are a necessity, so developing a mobile wallet is a logical next step. We can create a wallet specifically designed for Android, IOS and Windows phone devices. Sending and receiving funds are a given for a mobile wallet and we can customize it to fit your needs


    Crowdfunding has found a place in the cryptocurrency world through ICO, Initial Coin Offer. We can help you realize your business idea or project through ICO. This is also a great opportunity to get your project known. During your ICO campaign, you can gather valuable information, so you can take appropriate steps and adjust if necessary. We can help you realize the potential of crowdfunding in your project and attract investors and contributors.


    Even though you have a devoted team, you must teach them to understand the development on Blockchain technologies. Evolution is built into it and you must prepare for future moves. The consequences of your actions may improve or diminish your reputation, so planning and training is a must. We can help you educate your team about Blokchain technologies and how to implement it.


    Blockchain technologies brought us to the next generation business, not only in terms of development but also in terms of creating new opportunities. You can make or break your Blockchain business with a single move. We can help you analyze your current position, audit the code of your project and help you determine the right moves to keep your business on track. We will map your future development and help you achieve your goals.

About us

We are Slovenian company that has been providing expertise in latest technologies worldwide for the last 17 years. They specialize in crypto-currency and blockchain technology development, consulting, mining and implementation of new applications based on this breakthrough technology.

  • Tomislav MučičCEO & Founder

    Tomislav has decades of experience in IT security and Project development and an early adopter of the Blockchain technologies.

  • Andrej PlankarBlockchain Consultant

    Is an early adopter of Blockchain technologies and a consultant with long experience in economics.

  • Matej KaplanSystem Engineer

    Matej has years of experience with operations, system and project managment.

  • Matevž StrunaOperations Engineer

    Matevž is a talented operations engineer with exeprience in many IT fields.

  • Urša GrmAssistant

    Urša has long time experience in assisting managers and projects.

  • Božo ReckoProject Manager, Consultant

    Božo is a SBR Project Lead and has years of experience in information security, business continuty consulting and risk management as well as in software deverlopment and project management.

  • Tanja BivicCommunications & PR Consultant

    Tanja has years of experience in communications management, working as editor-in-chief of Slovenia`s national TV. She`s providing strategic counsel and leadership to key stakeholders, directing them to relevant messaging and positioning within the crypto community. Holds a social work degree.

  • Melita GuljaCommunications & Content Creator

    A digital native with years of agency experience in public relations and communications projects. She is excellent in developing and executing corporate strategy whilst manage messaging to help building and supporting company’s unique voice and reputation.

  • Igor ZgoncBlockchain Business Consultant

    Igor is a result-driven professional with an exceptional entrepreneurial spirit and in-dept knowledge of blockchain and crypto market. His company Silver Bullet Risk is developing innovative risk management solutions and consulting corporations in ways to achieve higher goals whilst reducing costs.