Transforming big blockchain ideas into a game-changing reality


Building futureproof blockchains to empower your business transformation.


Creating the new, blockchain based architecture of your future business.


Consultancy and team’s training to support your endeavors in the crypto land.

How we do it?

Netis blockchain technologies is an innovations lab and a consultancy, specialized in cohesive solutions for businesses, seeking a competitive edge from blockchain-based technology. Our consultancy framework allows us to offer a wide range of services around blockchain technologies internationally, accompanied with strategic advisory and technology implementation.


Underneath cryptocurrencies is grand innovation which will anchor the web’s next revolution. Blockchain can significantly reduce the risks of internet devices, applications and platforms being compromised. We build state-of-the-art private and public blockchain solutions to help your businesses and services deliver more value to your users while being less dependent.


As a disrupting technology, blockchain is opening a path to the internet of value, in which information are secured, verifiable and permanent and where various agreements can be carried out automatically. By implementing blocks in your company’s processes, the new architecture will help you transform and manage the future of business, which is geared toward services and data.


While you hear about blockchain everywhere, it’s rare to find a team of experts who possesses a unique crypto market insight and operates within a paramount network of most influential professionals in the field. By bridging the wisdom of tradition with blockchain innovation, we provide businesses that are ready to take a leap in transforming your business with a comprehensive range of communications services, accompanied with strategic advisory and team training.

What we build?

To us, blockchain is the way forward. By implementing blockchain architecture across domains, we are actively involved in transforming the way businesses are transacted across verticals and economies.

Improve security, speed and relevancy of your services with Aceblock blockchain framework.


We are industry experts and blockchain believers. We possess a unique overview and a rare know-how to train, build, grow and connect global blockchain projects that are ready to take a leap in transforming their industry.


We strive to cooperate with associations to help spread the awareness and speed up the industry to reach its maturity and wider adoption.

Selected projects

We take great pride in working hand-in-hand with our clients to find the answers to their challenges. With a balance of passion and expertise, we give them the tools, knowledge and confidence to aim higher.

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