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Tourism 4.0

Type: Demo Pilots II
Leading partner: Arctur

Netis supported Lucis in developing the blockchain infrastructure and decentralized identity solution to build a personal digital tourist’s identity DOTI. In the following steps, the app will be upgraded with distributed data storage, helping to protect users’ data and ensure optimal use of space with smart distribution across different services.


Type: Demo Pilots II
Leading partner: Gen-I

We built a private blockchain framework and a module for identification to develop the Div-ee-ap application for the client Gen-I. The solution allows users to quickly and directly share charging infrastructure for e-vehicles.

DID Comm Messaging

Type: Expert Collaboration
Leading partner: Netis & Consensys Mesh

The collaboration between Netis and Consesys Mesh outlines the next-generation decentralized messaging solution built on DIDComm Messaging, DIDs and VCs and a libp2p overly network, demonstrating how two parties establish a connection, exchange messages and show what connection types are supported.

Authority delegation & Verifiable mandates

Type: Infrastructure-Oriented Call #3
Leading partner: Netis

We received eSSIF-Lab’s funding in Infrastrucutre-Oriented Call #3 to develop the Authority Delegation & Verifiable Mandates project in cooperation with Blockchain Lab: UM and


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