Netis at Slovenian Expo Pavilion in Dubai

Netis recently participated in a Slovenian delegation organized by the Ministry of Economy, Tourism, and Sport. Held at the Slovenian Expo Pavilion in Dubai, the event aimed to promote cutting-edge solutions, streamline entry into new markets, and forge partnerships with potential collaborators.

At the event, Melita Gulja, a Communications Specialist at Netis, showcased use cases in progress, including partnerships with Plastika Skaza, Rekono, and jewellery artist Mimotho. She emphasized how verifiable credentials, digital identity, blockchain, and secure data exchange can be effectively implemented in real-life scenarios.

Melita also underscored the significance of verifiable credentials in the EU, where they identify actors (individuals and businesses) within trust frameworks and safeguard the origin of vital information in digital format. This technology is crucial for compliance with the EU’s eIDAS Regulation, which establishes standards for secure electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions.

Consequently, Netis has developed a comprehensive trust infrastructure featuring components designed for issuers, holders, and verifiers of verifiable credentials. This enables the rapid and verifiable transfer of essential documents and certificates in digital formats, preserving the credibility of their physical counterparts. Companies and organizations can quickly integrate our infrastructure and begin issuing user credentials in compliance with the latest EU regulations.

This innovation signifies a significant advancement in digitizing various services, offering businesses a reliable infrastructure to efficiently issue documents while providing users with a digital wallet for secure storage and management of their data. In the future, this interoperable infrastructure will facilitate seamless verification and exchange of documents between different entities, ultimately accelerating processes and boosting efficiency across services and companies.

Participating in the Slovenian delegation has allowed Netis to demonstrate our expertise and innovative solutions to a global audience. We eagerly anticipate exploring further collaborations with companies in Dubai and the surrounding region.