Netis and Partners Receive Funding from eSSIF-Lab’s Infrastructure Oriented Call

In cooperation with Blockchain Lab UM and, Netis successfully entered the eSSIF-Lab Infrastructure Oriented Call, receiving 155,000 EUR for the project Authority Delegation & Verifiable Mandates.

What is the goal of eSSIF Lab?

The eSSIF Lab represents an ecosystem of parties that work together to make SSI technology into a scalable, interoperable, easy-to-use infrastructure for peer-to-peer business transactions. As a European H2020 project, the mission of the eSSIF Lab is to fund other projects that can contribute to further developing SSI infrastructure and its use through the Infrastructure and Business Open Call. Specifically, the Infrastructure-Oriented Open Call targets developing and testing open source Self-Sovereign Identity components for eSSIF-Lab Framework, falling within the SSI (Self-Sovereign Identity) concept.

With what solution did we enter?

In line with the goals pursued by the call, we have joined forces with two other organizations that are active in the development of blockchain and SSI-related solutions. Together, we have identified many challenges that prevent SSI from successfully achieving public adoption, even if it moves in the right direction.

In this aspect, we agreed that delegation is critical, as it represents one of the primary needs for both the private and business sphere. However, no detailed governance frameworks and outlined process flows cover the VMs at this time. In particular, no solutions aligned with eSSIF and legacy frameworks like eIDAS that would enable simple usage can be found.

Consequently, we are still far from supporting the management of Authority Delegation, including the delegation of mandates, guardianship and controllership, which are crucial capabilities to simplify otherwise cumbersome tasks.

Deliverables & Next Steps

For reasons stated above, our project tackles the SSI aspect of Authority Delegation (AD) or Verifiable Mandates (VM), in alignment with the EBSI and eSSIF project and focuses on delivering the following:

(1) research paper on VM
(2) tech specs
(2.1) data models and schemas for VMs
(2.2) Flows for issuance verification and revocation based on eIDAS levels of assurances and leveraging ESSIF trusted registries
(3) Implementation of an open-source solution (SDK/lib in Java/Kotlin), including user interface
(4) enterprise & consumer wallet integrations (Blockchain Lab: UM’s SSI enterprise agent also used within DE4A (EBSI Early Adopter); Netis’s user agent)
(5) demo

Within the frame of 9 months, we aim to reach all set milestones and obtain funding accordingly to offer the first holistic delegation and mandate solution in this area, followed by the first eSSIF reference implementation and support for eIDAS-based signatures.

Finally, the project is based on the cooperation and involvement of the community, abiding by the principles of being free, open-source, and in compliance with emerging standards (W3C, eSSIF, eIDAS) to deliver its core mission, which is to accelerate the use of SSI solutions for private and business purposes.

About consortium


Netis is an innovation laboratory and consulting company with many years of experience researching, developing, and implementing blockchain technology. As pioneers of blockchain technology in Slovenia, we help companies identify blockchain business opportunities and offer a comprehensive custom blockchain development and implementation service.

We are also developing our blockchain framework, which includes a communication protocol and a set of solutions for secure digital identification, decentralized data storage and communication between devices. Our experts advise on European projects EBSI (European blockchain service infrastructure) and eSSIF (European infrastructure for secure identity). We are working on establishing infrastructure and standards to enable fast and safe use of cross-border e-services in Europe and are members of several relevant blockchain standardization committees.

Blockchain Lab:UM

Blockchain Lab:UM is a multidisciplinary team of researchers, developers and consultants who develop and evaluate solutions and services based on blockchain technology. Their focus is on promoting and accelerating blockchain technology to create innovative IT solutions & services that support new business models. is a European company with head-quarters in Vienna, Austria, building the internet’s missing identity layer. We made it our mission to enable every developer and every organisation to build identity and trust into the web and their applications. Our vision is to create a digital world in which every interaction is effortless and worry-free.