Netis becomes a member of the Decentralized Identity Foundation and gets a co-chairing position

We have become new members of the Decentralized Identity Foundation, which collaborates on developing and implementing technologies and standards for decentralized identity stack. What is more, Dr. Alen Horvat, the Netis expert involved in our project AceBlock, has been elected to co-chair the Identifiers & Discovery working group.

Along with Markus Sabadello, founder at Danube Tech, they will lead the work engaged in developing protocols and systems that enable creation, resolution, and discovery of decentralized identifiers and names across underlying decentralized systems blockchains and distributed ledgers. Working group is currently focused on the following activities:

Spec and implementation of a driver-based framework that enables the resolution of DIDs.

Spec and implementation of a driver-based framework that enables creation/updates/deactivation of DIDs.

Spec, docs, and implementations for discovering DIDs from .well-known HTTP(S) URIs.

A rich DID method that has no blockchain dependencies. The verifiable data registry is a synchronization protocol between peers.

Extension parameters, properties, and values for the DID spec registries.

At Netis, we actively strive to promote the benefits of blockchain and educate our business partners on what the technology can bring to their processes. One way to achieve this is by joining various working bodies and setting exemplary business practice, comments Mr Horvat. “For any new technology, standardization is crucial, as it provides a set of rules that enable faster implementation and predictability. From this point of view, our participation in expert groups that actively co-shape the development of the blockchain field is a great honour and opportunity that we can harmonize our in-house blockchain development with all EU requirements on time and thus provide our customers with innovative solutions they can fully confide.


As a blockchain expert, Alen is responsible for designing solutions focused on cryptography, blockchain scalability and consensus mechanisms. He has been devoting most of his time to developing self-sovereign related technologies, distributed storage solutions and other blockchain pertaining tech that we create under the AceBlock brand. He is also an active member of the Core Services Team for European Blockchain Infrastructure (EBSI) and it’s workgroup eSSIF (European self-sovereign identity framework).


Decentralized Identity Foundation, in short DIF, is an engineering-driven organization acting as the centre for development, discussion, and management of all activities required to create and maintain an interoperable and open ecosystem for decentralized identity stack. DIF can set up IPR protected working groups, deliver specs and standards, and offer infrastructure for the community.

Their key focus areas are: Technical specification,  Reference Implementations and Industry Coordination.

DIF members, therefore, are working together to build a variety of technologies, with much of this work being done in collaboration with the large open-source community. ­DIF’s Working Groups are scoped by functional areas and are designed to drive emerging standard specifications backed up by open-source code. Explore the working groups by following the links below:

Identifiers & Discovery 
– DID Authentication
Claims and Credentials
DID Communication
Secure Data Storage

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