The Year in Review: Our Tops from 2021

They say you always remember your firsts, and we have plenty of reasons not to forget 2021. As a company committed to researching and developing blockchain, decentralized storage and self-sovereign identity technologies, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in business transactions and opening new ways to a more digital society.

For this reason, it is good to look back and celebrate the exciting milestones we have already achieved on our way. 

Despite the challenging epidemiological situation, we have successfully adapted our processes and worked entirely remotely during the peaks of infections. We have agreed on a flexible scheme, with remote Mondays and Fridays while still spending part of the week in the office together. We have also experienced great teambuilding while sailing through beautiful Dalmatia for a few days and had a festive December, finishing off the year with a dinner party and a week off to recharge our batteries.

In terms of business, we mainly focused on perfecting our code on existing solutions (AceID, AceSpace and AceIoT) and strengthening our international network. Accordingly, we are also welcoming new members to the team, which we will continue to do in the following months. Below are key highlights.

Our Products: AceID and AceSpace

We are constantly developing our AceBlock framework that enables companies to transform their businesses using decentralized, distributed and self-sovereign technologies.

Now, we have big news for AceID, our self-sovereign identity stack. We will soon offer SSI SDK-s for Android and iOS, supporting infrastructure and white-label wallet possibilities. The AceID wallet app was also successfully submitted to Google Play and is now undergoing additional internal tests to ensure the solution is ready for EBSI’s Conformance Testing, proving its compliance with EBSI. After that phase, we will also submit it to Apple’s App Store.

We have also completed an essential development phase for AceSpace. This next-generation storage solution brings advantages to businesses and users due to decentralized and distributed technologies and self-sovereign identity authentication.  

We are currently finalizing the AceSpace MVP as a storage agent for three operating systems (Mac, Linux, Windows). Then, we will distribute the demo to privacy-aware communities, helping us with relevant feedback, which we will use in the subsequent development phase to turn AceSpace into next-generation storage and data-exchange infrastructure entirely. 

Many of Aceblock’s technologies have already been used in real-world projects: Arctur with Tourism 4.0 applied the SSI technology features in their DOTI tourist app via AceID Android SDK. Incontrast, electricity provider Gen-I and other consortium partners in the E-mobility project built Div-ee-app using various AceID’s and AceSpace’s stack features. See more below.

Project EBSI (European Blockchain Services Infrastructure)

The European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI) partnership is surging ahead, receiving strong approval within the EU to leverage the potential of blockchain-based services for the benefit of citizens, society and the economy. Since 2018, 29 countries have joined forces in building cross-border services for public administrations and their ecosystems to verify the information and make services trustworthy. Since 2020, EBSI in deployed a network of distributed blockchain nodes across Europe, supporting applications focused on selected use-cases in the coming period. EBSI growth opens up many new opportunities for Netis, as their experts are part of the EBSI core team and are actively involved in creating and designing its blockchain architecture. 

eSSIF-Lab’s Infrastructure-Oriented Call #3

We obtained EUR 155,000 to develop the Authority Delegation & Verifiable Mandates project in cooperation with Blockchain Lab: UM and More here.

Expert Collaboration With Consensys Mesh

Our Alen Horvat and Oliver Terbu (Consensys Mesh) wrote an in-depth article on Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) to give a new perspective on how to operate DIDCom Messaging in a fully decentralized way using libp2p, showing the developing community outstanding expertise in building a next-gen decentralized messaging framework. Learn more by following the link.

Use Case: Project for Demo Pilots II
(Arctur’s Turism 4.0)

Arctur’s project Tourism 4.0, where AceBlock technology was used to build a digital tourist’ identity DOTI will be upgraded this year with distributed data storage, helping to protect personal data and ensure optimal use of space with a smart distribution across different devices.

Use case: Project for Demo Pilots II
(Gen-I’s Div-ee-app)

Gen-I used Netis’ blockchain framework AceBlock to develop the Div-ee-ap application, allowing users to quickly and directly share charging infrastructure for e-vehicles. At the 13th summit of innovation in energy, the app ranked first among the registered solutions. Learn more about it here.

European Blockchain Week 2021 and Recognition for Innovation

In the framework of the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of EU, our country hosted European Blockchain Week 2021, which took place from 20. to 24. September 2021. In cooperation with other members of Blockchain Alliance Europe, we shared our expertise and views in various panels and workshops. Also, we exhibited at the Slovenian Digital Center for the entire week, where we participated at the Festival of Solutions and received recognition for innovation. Read more about it here.